ProAligner header

• Your sight lines replace long strings, straight edges, or tubes extending to the rear wheel

• The alignment numbers are read directly

• The GP motorcycle on the right is supported on a rear wheel stand

• ProAligner™ can measure the wheel alignment, easily and fast

Alignment Check

Set Up

• Postion and extend ProlAligner™ to the height and angle that gives a clear sight line on both sides of the tires

• Visually sight the leading and trailing outer edges of each tire at the same level as the ProAligner™ scale –similar to aiming a rifle.

• From left to right, read and note the 4 numbers where your tire sight-lines intersect the ProAligner™ scale.

• Total the numbers as follows: plus 37, minus 43, minus 72, plus 78. Divide the total by 2.

• The result is zero. The wheels are exactly aligned.

Zeroing Misalignment

• Say the wheels above are misaligned, and after totaling and dividing, the result is 3. This means...

• Rear wheel misalignment equals 3 spaces, or 0.30 inches (7.6 mm).  

• Adjust the rear wheel 3 spaces toward the lower end of the scale to zero the misalignment. Sight again to confirm.

• Look at the ProAligner™ banner above. The scale sightings total 10–31–86+107, which divided by 2, equals zero: The ProAligner™ logo is exactly centered on the webpage.

• Read Roadracing World's Product Evaluation (original triangulation method on back of ProAligner™ storage sleeve)

Exclusive Benefits

• Directly aligned wheels give steady steering, straight acceleration and braking, plus an equally balanced feel turning left or right

• if you crash your bike, use ProAligner™ to quickly determine if the alignment has changed. Misalignment will indicate the crash may have bent or twisted the swingarm, frame or forks

• Turn a rear wheel axle adjusting screw only 1 flat (1/6 turn) and ProAligner™ will show the change in wheel alignment.

• Technically advanced ProAligner™ offers the easiest, quickest, most accurate motorcycle wheel alignment possible. Period.

How it Works