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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Direct Wheel Alignment Important?

• Alignment errors cause unstable braking, understeer, oversteer, constant drifting, pulling in one direction, and steering head shake

• These effects give unpredictable high-speed and emergency handling, tire wear and premature chain and sprocket wear

• ProAligner™ direct wheel alignment can fix these problems

How Accurate is String Alignment?

• Using string is the most innaccurate and time consuming wheel aligning method of all. See why here

• As you adjust the rear wheel, you need to reset the strings on both sides of the tires and remeasure. How many times does it take?

How Accurate Are Swing Arm Marks?

• ProAligner™ resuts show 80% of motorcycles are misaligned using swing arm marks –even on new motorcycles.

• Swing arm marks align the rear axle to the swing arm, not the wheels to each other

• Swing arm mark misalignment is magnified 9x, measured at the front wheel. It's worse if the swing arm, frame, or fork tubes are twisted or bent

Can Axle to Pivot Tools Align the Wheels?

• NO! These tools align the rear axle to the swing arm pivot, not the wheels to each other

• Axle-pivot tool misalignment is magnified 3x, measured at the front wheel. it's worse if the swing arm, frame, or fork tubes are twisted or bent

Can Sprocket Aligners Align the Wheels?

• NO! These tools align the top teeth of the sprockets to each other so the chain runs straight

• If the swing arm is twisted, the sprockets will be spread apart at the bottom. The chain will run at a wearing angle between them

• Use ProAligner™: If the drive chain runs at a lateral angle between the sprockets, it reveals the swing arm, frame, or fork tubes are bent or twisted

Can A Cheap Ruler Align the Wheels?

• NO! A regular ruler is difficult to set up and impossible to read accurately at a distance. It is not adjustable for height or bike lean angle.

• The ProAligner™ scale is scientifically designed for easy and exact reading. It is fully adjustable for height and lean angle.

• You also need to know out how to use the ruler to align the wheels. Do you?

Can ProAligner™ Align Harley Belt-Drive Bikes?

• YES! On several Harley models, the front and rear wheels are offset to balance the Cg between the wheels.

• ProAligner™ measures the exact alignment, to compare with the alignment specifications for a particular Harley model.

• If the offset is adjusted, ProAligner™ measures the resulting wheel alignment to assure the changes are correct.

How Accurate are Laser Wheel Aligners?

• Laser wheel aligners are accurate. But they are very expensive

• ProAligner™ is equally accurate, easier to use for 1/10 the price

Why is ProAligner™ So Accurate?

• ProAligner™ measures the alignment of your bike's tires/wheels directly, same as your car or truck wheel alignment does

• ProAligner™ eliminates the errors made by setting up and measuring the alignment of supplemental strings, straight edges, or flourescent tubes

Is Proaligner™ Simple to Use?

• User simplicity is certified by a California school Principal, whose 6th graders tested the ProAligner™ tool and instructions

Which Alignment Procedure is Best?

• Use ProAligner™ to align both wheels directly. Avoid the errors produced by other alignment methods

• No other wheel aligning method is as accurate, easy and fast as ProAligner™

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